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The Science – How Somulin Works

It’s virtually impossible to overstate the importance of getting an adequate amount of sleep each and every night. And it’s insomnia sufferers who probably understand this best. Even a few nights of tossing and turning can take a huge toll on a person’s mind, body, and emotional well-being.

Fall Asleep

If you’re lying in bed night after night staring at the clock, and you just can’t seem to clear the day’s thoughts and worries from your mind, you may have decided that it’s time to find an insomnia treatment. You’re searching for a product that will help you do what you can’t seem to on your own: fall asleep and stay asleep.

If you’re considering Somulin, you are likely cautiously optimistic after reading about its benefits and how it has helped others with mild and more severe forms of insomnia. There’s just one not-so-little question you need answered before you make a final decision: “How does Somulin actually work?”

Our scientifically researched multi-action formula has key ingredients to address all of the most common causes of insomnia…without narcotics or synthetic compounds that can leave you feeling just as foggy and exhausted as a lack of sleep. We can confidently say that Somulin is the most powerful all-natural sleep aid available today!

The cutting-edge Somulin formulation works in the following ways to help you get a restorative, refreshing night’s sleep:
  • Helps regulate circadian rhythms
  • Decreases sleep-wake cycle disturbances
  • Reduces the time needed to fall asleep
  • Diminishes feelings of anxiety and restlessness
  • Acts as a mild sedative to promote sleep

All-Natural Formula Works in Harmony With The Body To Deliver Amazing Results!

Somulin Combines The Best-Known NATURAL Sleep Inducers Into One Effective Nighttime Capsule… Our bodies operate on a roughly 24-hour clock. The patterns of sleeping and waking, hormone production, and other bodily processes governed by this clock are known as circadian rhythms. Disruptions in circadian rhythms are related to insomnia and other disruptions in sleep-wake cycles, which might include waking up at night.

Sleeping Troubles

Melatonin is the hormone that plays the most important role in regulating our sleep-wake cycles. It is secreted at night by the brain, and makes us feel tired and ready for sleep. If not enough melatonin is released, or it is released at the wrong time, insomnia could result. For these reasons, taking a supplement containing melatonin is often recommended for those with sleeping troubles.

Somulin contains a natural form of melatonin that clinical studies show can improve overall sleep quality. Scientists have found that individuals with sleep disorders and disturbances who took melatonin for just two to three days exhibited a significant improvement in sleep quality, woke up less, and were more alert the next day. Another study found that long-term use of melatonin markedly improved participants’ sleep-wake patterns.

Why Falling Asleep Faster is The Key For Those Dealing With Insomnia? Many insomnia sufferers wake up feeling absolutely drained because it takes so long for them to enter a state of deep sleep. When a significant amount of time—hours in some cases—is required to drift off, it’s impossible for most people to get the rest needed to function properly the next day.

To address this common problem, Somulin contains valerian, which has been clinically studied. One study found that those given valerian reported a significant reduction in the time required to enter a state of restful sleep, and that sleep quality was noticeably improved. Key scientific literature supports that valerian can promote better quality sleep without side effects. Finally, yet another study showed that participants given valerian and hops required less time to fall asleep. The sleep-inducing effects became even more pronounced as the study progressed.

Somulin Reduces Anxiety And Restlessness While Inducing Sleep Naturally!

Today, many people’s fast-paced lives are so stressful and full of stimulation that it can be hard to unwind at night. Racing thoughts and feeling “on edge” and anxious are in many instances the main causes of insomnia.

Calming and Sedative Effects

Somulin contains three separate herbal extracts that have calming and sedative effects to help melt away tension and naturally bring on sleep. The first is passionflower, which can help gently induce sleep and also has anxiety-relieving properties. A scientific data shows that passionflower is a very important natural remedy for the tenseness and restlessness that often occur along with sleeping problems.

The German chamomile in Somulin acts as a mild sedative to make falling asleep easier. A scientific study on apigenin, one of the compounds found in chamomile, showed that it has a mild sedative effect when given. Participants in the clinical study also exhibited a 26 percent decrease in movement activity.

Finally, the lemon balm in Somulin is well-known for its calming properties. It has long been used as a natural alternative to medications prescribed for issues such as anxiety and insomnia. One clinical study found that lemon balm, when taken in combination with valerian, is an effective treatment for restlessness and insomnia approximately 70 percent of participants with restlessness showed an improvement in symptoms, while almost 81 percent of those with isomnia experienced great relief. Another study showed that the same combination reduced anxiety levels.

Somulin is a remarkable 100% natural sleep aid that can help melt away stress, edginess, and anxiety, all of which can keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning. It will also help you fall asleep faster and, over time, establish a regular sleep pattern. Swear off side effects and sleepless nights for good with Somulin! This synergistic blend of herbs and natural compounds will deliver what prescription sleep aids can’t: natural sleep that will revitalize and energize the body and mind! You’ll wake up restored and ready to face all the challenges the new day might bring.